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Give yourself the gift of healing

Hey! I have created self-paced online courses to help you on your Self-healing journey. Over the last 8 years I have spend thousands of hours practicing self-healing methods such as EFT, IFS, meditations, CBT, EMDR, psychodynamic therapy, breath work, NLP, yoga, grounding, visualisations and shamanic practices. I have studied, researched and read hundreds of self-help books to find the core messages anyone can apply in their own journey. To feel more present in your body, embody self-compassion and find greater freedom in the mind. The programmes are filled with an abundance of holistic and therapeutic practices to help you:

  • Learn evidence based therapeutic techniques

  • Regulate your nervous system

  • Dive deeper into your inner world

  • Create a self-care practice that works for you & your life

  • Uncover & Release Subconscious blocks

  • Manifest the life you truly desire and deserve

I am in deep gratitude to you for having the COURAGE to do this work. It's this commitment to inner work that helps to create a life of freedom and joy that spreads to others, and has a tremendous ripple effect. Inner work is the missing ingredient in creating the life of our dreams, truly. When we free up the energy from life's burdens we allow new energy to enter. It's true alchemy.

Find the right
course for your needs

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