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Self Healer - Deepen The Relationship With YOU

  • 12Weeks
  • 43Steps


Are you sick and tired of the same patterns repeating in your life? Are you ready to burn down that which is no longer serving you and be reborn in a new reality? A reality where you feel deeply connected to your mind & body, where you accept and love yourself exactly as you are? We live in a world which is difficult sometimes, horrible things happen in our life that we have no control over. This can affect us in so many ways - we feel disconnected from ourselves, we try to numb our emotions with social media, sugar, shopping, alcohol and feel stuck not knowing how to move forward. We don't realise that we are the medicine, we are the ones we've been waiting for. This 6 week journey will give you the opportunity to connect to deepest parts of our mind and body. To discover ways you've been self-sabotaging, repeating old patterns and creating pain in your own life. The 6 weeks are there for you to find more self-compassion, self-connection & self-love. Each week will help you connect deeper to yourself with powerful, practical daily exercises. Each day will help you increase your self-awareness to crack you open to the (sometimes painful) truths. It will help you realise the magical being that you are, and help you heal all parts of you. Week 1: Radical Awakening - Self-Awareness Week 2: Mind & Our Inner World Week 3: Embodiment & Somatic Releasing Week 4: Inner-Child Healing Week 5: Relationships & How to Use Triggers to Heal Week 6: Purpose This course is therapeutic in its nature, but it's not therapy. It's been designed by a psychotherapist to give you the self healing tools to help you on your journey. To discover parts of you that you didn't even know existed and bring greater healing to mind, body and spirit. The course is self led, it's a container for your growth and is best used alongside 1:1 psychotherapy, not instead of. It can prepare you for deeper 1:1 dive and give you more clarity on things you may want to explore in therapy.

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