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Why is IFS? 

Internal Family Systems Psychotherapy & Coaching

I have personally been through every type of psychotherapy out there to trial and test. And I never experienced this level of inner transformation until I came across Internal Family Systems (IFS). It's the single most powerful method for healing years of trauma, limiting beliefs and overcoming life's setbacks. IFS is not about you lying down on the therapy sofa and me trying to psychoanalyse your problems so we don't have to address your very real emotional and physical experience.


IFS is a deep process that allows us to directly access the root cause of life's challenges and things that are holding you back from living in your highest power. During the IFS process we learn about the internal world of your mind and help you let go of all the heavy energies your internal system has been holding onto, for good. 


In IFS we give space for EVERYTHING that is present within you, conscious or unconscious. We know that the mind is not singular, but a system of inner parts or subpersonalities that may experience inner conflict, emotional turmoil or despair. We help all the parts of you feel seen and one by one let go of the old energies these parts have been holding onto so that you can return to your natural state. The state of complete joy, wholeness, freedom, confidence that you felt as a small child.

IFS not only changes the way you relate to yourself, but it will also revolutionise the way you show up in relationships and the way you experience everyday life. It has the power to give you everything you've ever wanted, and what you didn't even know you needed.


What happens during the session?


After our initial FREE consultation (that you can book above) we will set clear intentions for areas you would like to experience more joy and freedom in. The session will start by a guided breathing exercise to help you focus internally. I will then guide you through a process that is similar to meditation or hypnosis to allow you to access parts of your subconscious mind that may have been hidden. 

When we connect to parts of your subconscious that have been holding burdens we will guide you through a process of releasing and reclaiming inner qualities that help you reconnect with your highest power. This process can vary in time and technique depending on what is needed at the time. I may integrate somatic release and other methods I feel would be beneficial.

Following this I will guide you back to the here and now to help you integrate the powerful healing process to leave you with some after session care. 


How to get maximum out of the therapy?

In between our sessions you will have access to my free IFS meditation guide as well as journaling and grounding exercises to help you truly integrate the deep work and healing we do in 1:1 sessions. Sometimes we will connect with very young, vulnerable parts of you and the free resources I share with you will help you continue building a connection with those parts. In between session work is so important. It gives you the power to take real responsibility over your healing journey and escape the victim consciousness we so often find ourselves in. How much work and inner-connection you do in between our sessions will determine how successful the therapy is. Meet me half way and you will live a life you couldn't have imagined. When I say IFS will change your life, I mean it. Talk to anyone who's had a course of IFS therapy or have a read through the reviews of some of my clients. The first reaction is usually "holly sh*t" because suddenly we realise how much this model of therapy resonates at a deep level. 

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