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Hey, I'm Oliwia

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My Vision

I am committed to helping every individual who crosses my path on their journey to reconnecting with their own inner light. We were all born for a reason, a reason bigger than ourselves. However through life conditioning we have forgotten about our true power. Let's reconnect to our true purpose - to shine our light bright for one another.

Holistic Psychological Therapist & Professional Speaker

Oliwia Viktoria is passionate about helping others heal from the inside out by creating a deeper awareness of their internal world and meeting the deep wounds within. After struggling for years with depression, anxiety, an eating disorder and suicide attempts, Oliwia discovered holistic healing and it truly saved her life. She has since been on a mission to transform the lives of others and has trained in a variety of modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Interpersonal Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Reiki energy healing.


During the pandemic Oliwia stepped up as a healer and therapist and began working closely with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma and suicidal ideation. She finds the greatest honour in being able to hold a safe space for deep inner healing. Having treated hundreds of individuals over the last few years she is bringing her psychological and holistic healing methods to be a guide on your own journey to self-healing. She believes that healing happens internally, and not through an outside force.

Oliwia is also a professional speaker, workshop and event host sharing her experience about the power of the mind, self-help techniques and the importance of trauma informed healing. She finds the most joy in being able to share intuitive messages and deep healing techniques with her audience. She loves to shine a light onto other people and facilitate the space for others to experience their own inner Self energy. Oliwia's purpose when speaking is to awaken the inner light within the listeners and allow her audience to connect with their inner guidance system to step up as leaders within their communities.

Oliwia  is committed to helping her clients rediscover and reconnect to their true selves - the Self that is confident, connected, powerful, inspired and joyful. 

From corporate to private events and workshops Oliwia will take the audience on a journey of self-awareness and insights to help each individual connect to the potential they have within.


Some clients find it helpful to understand my professional educational background, so I have provided some of my key official qualifications below. 


Psychology BSc

University of Manchester

Human psychology, mental health interventions, cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, brain and behaviour, group dynamics, behaviour and cognition, communicating with confidence. 

Post graduate in Low intensity CBT
University of Manchester

Training in CBT interventions including cognitive restructuring, graded exposure, worry management, mindfulness techniques, behavioural activation, depression and anxiety treatments.

Psychodynamic Interpersonal Therapy
University of Manches

Effects of early life and significant life experiences on emotional functioning and relationships. 

Internal Family Systems Therapy
IFS Institute

Trauma informed therapeutic approach, unburdening processes, natural healing processes, working with internal protective mechanisms and patterns, impact of early life experiences on functioning. 

You are powerful beyond measure

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