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Life is hard and painful at times. I'm here to help you find a little bit more calm & compassion and self-love within all the craziness.

                                     Oliwia Viktoria

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Dear one,

Are you tired of waking up every day, weighed down by the heavy burdens of depression, anxiety, overwhelm, and stress? Do you feel like something is holding you back from going to the next level? Do you have limiting beliefs and self-doubt getting in the way of living your dreams? Do you often find yourself longing for a sense of peace and calm, but can't seem to escape the negative thoughts and emotions? Do you struggle with:

  • trauma?

  • depression? 

  • anxiety?

  • worry?

  • shame?

  • low self-worth?

  • limiting beliefs?

It can feel like you are alone in all of this, and no-one understands what you're really going through. You feel stuck and like there is no escape sometimes. You lay in bed awake at night worrying and ruminating on the past. You don't want to tell the people close to you the truth about how you feel. You constantly search the internet in hope that there will be an answer somewhere. Maybe a book or a course or something that will bring back the old you.


The healing path shouldn't be so complicated. We shouldn't feel the need to give our power away to external forces. There should be a way for you to reconnect with inner love, joy and inner-peace. 

What if I told you that there is path to access your own Self-healing energy whenever you need it? That there is a way to no longer feel as anxious and depressed? What if underneath all the layers of trauma, pain and stress is a compassionate, confident adult resourced Self you could access for guidance?  My mission is to help you re-connect to that internal guide, that has been there all along. I have designed tools you can use on your healing journey, to help you reclaim the spark you lost. And I am giving these tools away for FREE:

  • 7 Day Anxiety Relief Programme

  • Inner Child Healing Meditation - to bring greater self compassion

  • Internal Family Systems daily check in meditation - for more inner harmony

  • Higher Self Meditation - to help you step into the best version of you

  • Internal Family Systems Exercises PDF - to create greater self-awareness

  • Powerful Morning / Evening Journaling Prompts PDF - to reconnect with your inner wisdom

  • CBT based thought restructuring exercise - to invite more self-compassion

  • Creating a life you love PDF - to help you set life goals and achieve them

Simply click the link below to claim your free resources!

With love,


Hi, I’m Oliwia

Therapist, Writer, Speaker & Space Holder

Are you ready to take the next step in your emotional healing journey? I offer you a space to feel safe in your journey of self-discovery, reclaiming your true power and healing. I believe in trauma informed holistic approach to psychological healing and work with the Internal Family Systems model at the core of everything I do. Healing should not be complicated. We shouldn't need thousands of techniques to manage symptoms. I'm here to guide you back to yourself, your true nature, your Self energy.

IFS Psychotherapy

The practice that is transforming thousands of lives around the world

Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) is a holistic evidence based psychotherapy that is changing lives around the world and transforming the way we see mental health. IFS allows us to understand and transform the darkest parts of our psyche and helps us reconnect with the joy and freedom we felt as small children. IFS helps us cut through the pain, trauma and burdened parts of our internal world to finally release all the baggage we've been holding onto. IFS transformed my life many years ago and allowed me to live in joy and inner peace despite the dark times I went through. I am now offering the gift of healing to you. Find out for yourself..

Start your healing journey

Are you ready to...
  • Embody inner peace?
  • Overcome energetic burdens you've been carrying?
  • Transform your relationships?
  • Fall back in love with yourself?
  • Create a life of your dreams?
All of this is possible when you take responsibility over your healing and work through the difficult experiences from the past. With the right commitment you can release anxiety and depression. You can recreate the version of you, you've always wanted to be. You deserve to wake up with joy and look forward to your beautiful life. Your journey starts today, fill in your details below to receive:
✨7 Day Anxiety Relief and Body Wisdom Programme
✨3 Free Guided Meditations for Self Healing
✨Free Journaling Prompts
✨Free Self Healing Workbook with IFS exercises
Enter details below to receive your free
self-help bundle & start your journey
to deeper self-connection & self-love.

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Fran, Manchester

"I had the honour of having an IFS Psychotherapy session with Oliwia. Having had therapy before I didn’t know what to expect from Internal Family Systems as a form of therapy. It was delivered in such a beautiful way, guiding me through different systems and parts of us. You start to recognise the different internal parts of you, and how these different parts are ok and are all part of our internal processing. It starts as an indirect form of expression through forms of imagery and meditation, this leading to direct expression, keeping the space safe, enabling you to share when you feel safe enough to do so. The space is trusting and Oliwia provides a very trusting therapeutic environment. I would say one of the most beautiful things about the session is that the imagery and thought processes continues after the session. The light-bulb moments happen both in the session and after the session. Oliwia delivers it in a really calming and peaceful way, putting you at peace from the beginning."

Alimah, Midlands

“Firstly I would just like to say thank you for making me feel very comfortable during the sessions, enough to share what I truly felt. When starting I didn't really know what to expect but I have been pleasantly surprised with how I have been able to break down different layers of myself. I think your sessions have allowed myself to understand me better. I would definitely recommend anyone who is considering IFS to give it a go. It is really a concept that looks deeper into your being. But thank you so much Oliwia for allowing myself to try this new form of therapy session, I definitely think in such a short space of time I have felt a big difference in myself."

Ayesha, Manchester

"My overall experience was, the way Oliwia carries out her IFS treatment, you feel safe and comfortable, she is able to help you navigate and talk to the internal parts of yourself. It could be for so many reasons, but my reasons were to figure out why I am the way I am today, what parts of me need work, what happened in the past to trigger certain parts of me to this day. Now looking back at it, the first one was such a mind-blowing experience, for someone who has never unravelled their traumas because I thought I can just forget and get over them. I was full of tears when I discovered parts of myself and certain things within. I came out of the therapy, like I switched back to a different dimension. I know how much research goes behind Oliwia’s work, so I can’t recommend enough to anyone wanting to try out therapy, to give IFS a go. For me, the work I would be able to do on myself through this form of psychotherapy, to target my core self-energy, is quite valuable for me to be able to be my best healed self to give a full cup to the people I care about."

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